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Meet our fantastic speakers, from veterinary marketing and social media experts to influencers, community alchemists, and content creators. Many of our speakers are staying for the entire day, so come along and have your chance to network, connect, ask questions and make friends!

Here's a sneak peak, scroll down to learn more about each speaker, or see the list under the image to shortcut your way there.

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Katie Ford


Conference Organiser

Vet, Speaker, Coach

Director: Katie Ford Ltd, Vet Empowered Ltd, VetYou Ltd


Katie is an experienced small animal vet with a medicine certificate turned entrepreneur. Following her own experiences and interest in personal development, she trained as a certified coach. Katie grew a following of over 18,000 across social media, and is now an international and keynote speaker. She co-founded Vet Empowered in 2020. 


As her businesses grew, she saw the importance of money mindset and financial independence. She joined VetYou in 2021, helping to break down barriers around finances within the profession and to enable access to timely, expert financial advice. She is currently studying for a Masters Degree in Emotional Wellbeing.

Katie also has a Level 7 in Events Management, and is regularly involved with operations (of the non-veterinary kind) at Introducing Events.

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Simon Howard


Event Host & Event Extraordinaire

Director: Introducing Events Ltd

Simon is back! Host of VETstagram 2020, highly experienced in events and experiences, we guarantee that his guy will make your day even more fun. Known for his ability to engage and entertain audiences of all sizes, Simon brings his 17 years of event experience and team building to ensure that your time at VETstagram will be next level.

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Claire Grigson
910444_fe1afbcefa8f46d7bde368d9e914657f_mv2 (3).webp


Vet, Coach, Meditation Teacher

Co-Founder: Vet Empowered



Claire is an experienced small animal veterinary surgeon, having graduated from Edinburgh in
2007.  She is also a certified and accredited transformational life coach, as well as a certified meditation and breathwork instructor. Together with Katie Ford, she co-founded VetEmpowered, where they provide coaching and personal development for the veterinary space, namely new and recent graduates.

Claire is well known for her energy and natural presence, and has built a following of almost 30,000 followers over the various social media platforms, namely TikTok. Outside of her veterinary coaching she specialises in dating and relationship coaching, with a keen interest in attachment theory and somatic practices. 

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Lewis Ellis


Founder of Hussel Marketing

Final 5 of The Apprentice in 2019

Lewis Ellis is a digital marketing consultant born and bred in the heart of Manchester. In 2019 Lewis featured on BBC's 'The Apprentice' making it to the Final Five in a bid to win Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment.

Since the show, Lewis has returned to marketing and has decided to take the plunge and setup his own digital agency with a difference! Fed-up of the uninspired, tedious and quite simply, boring marketing modus operandi, Lewis aims to 'shake things up' and harness his naturally disruptive personality to inject brands with a more effective strategy that invites consumers into the business.

Lewis is also working on his side-project travel startup and has co-founded 'Hiddn Travel' with Luke, a friend that also used to work overseas prior to studying at university. This brand-new and stylish travel company targets the ever-evolving and complicated millennial/Gen-Z market now demanding more from their vacations.

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Danielle Lambert
danielle k. lambert headshot - Danielle Lambert.jpg


Founder & CEO: The Snout Group



Flying in all the way from the USA!

Danielle is a marketing and brand strategist, but she goes far beyond helping you create a pretty facade for social media. With a background in practice management, her work builds on her belief that it's unethical to market BS you can't back up in real life. As founder of, Danielle teaches veterinary professionals to build brands for themselves or their businesses. Through her Veterinary Brand Formula™ system, students learn to create an intentional brand rooted in core values and authenticity. (No self-serving influencer types welcome here!) Her agency,, creates high-level brand strategy & design for change agents who want to disrupt vet med with new ideas. Most days, you can find her cozied up with her Brussels Griffon and Ragdoll while she calls out the deep-rooted issues vet med must resolve on her Instagram, @danielle.k.lambert.

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Scott Kilpatrick
Scott and Perct - Scott Kilpatrick.jpeg


Internal Medicine Specialist

Director: The Veterinary Thought Exchange



Scott graduated from Edinburgh Vet School in 2007. Initially, he worked for the PDSA, before taking a Senior Veterinary Surgeon position with Vets Now in Edinburgh in 2010. Scott started his residency in internal medicine at the University of Edinburgh in 2012 after completing a year as a Teaching Fellow in Anatomy and Physiology. He completed his residency in 2016 after finishing his Masters in the pathogenesis of canine liver disease and has since been working in referral practice. Scott is currently an Internal Medicine Specialist working with Idexx. Scott founded The Veterinary Thought Exchange (vtx) in 2019. vtx provides online CPD in a variety of friendly formats. Our online content includes webinars and discussion forums and our CPD days bring us together in person in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. What makes us special? We are providing CPD that is clinically relevant, but we are also providing CPD that will help you look after yourself and those working in your practice.

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Kirsten Ronngren


Consulting Veterinarian & Brand Ambassador for ManyPets


Dr. Kirsten Ronngren graduated from Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2015, and is an avid WSU fan. Dr. Ronngren has expanded her skills in many settings, including small animal general practice, formal education of veterinary technicians and veterinary students, consulting for veterinary businesses, and mentorship/speaking opportunities. Most recently Dr. Ronngren has moved across to England with her husband (an equine surgeon). She is currently working as the lead consulting veterinarian and brand ambassador for ManyPets Pet Insurance, as well as keeping her hands in the clinic as a small animal locum. Kirsten also continues to foster bonds with the veterinary community through her platform Vet Redefined. Outside of veterinary medicine, Dr. Ronngren loves giving all her attention to her golden retriever and ragdoll cat, in addition to spending time with family, hiking, cooking, and appreciating an excellent glass of wine.

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Veterinary Surgeon & Content Creator


About Janika:

"I’m a small animal veterinary surgeon that qualified from University of Nottingham in 2017. I have worked in various practices across London and Surrey and am now currently a locum around Leicestershire. I have a keen interest in internal medicine as well as a passion about raising awareness of issues such as racism, diversity and equality within the profession. My instagram page @janikathevet is a project I started to act as a diary of my experiences as a vet as well as a space to inspire other people of colour to join the veterinary profession."

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Janika Patel
IMG_5466-1 - Kirsten Ronngren.jpeg
Rosie Allister


Vet surgeon. Vetlife Helpline Manager. Working on vet professional’s mental health, identity, suicide prevention. BVA Chiron Award, RCVS Impact Award.

Dr Rosie Allister has received the BVA Chiron Award and RCVS Impact Award for work on veterinary mental health. Her PhD researched mental health, support, and identity and how they affect veterinary wellbeing and mental health. She has substantial experience in applied suicide prevention, support, and evidence-based solutions. Combining technical and academic knowledge with a practical background in veterinary practice and in supporting veterinary professionals, her focus is on listening and support to identify and deliver evidence-based solutions. Rosie manages Vetlife Helpline and volunteers with All4Paws veterinary clinic and Samaritans.

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Lacey Pitcher


Veterinary Nurse

Council Member

Creative Writer VSGD

Founder: Veterinary Pay It Forward


Lacey is a registered Veterinary nurse who has had a varied and squiggly career so far. Fully embracing the portfolio career Lacey champions "finding what works for you" while meeting people and ideas with curiosity and consideration. Lacey is passionate about neurodiversity and encouraging equity from big actions to small wins.

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20220827_123737 - lacey pitcher.jpeg
Ebony Escalona


Equine Vet, Entrepreneur, Educator

Creator of Communities

VSGD, VetYou


Hola! I'm Ebony Ellen Escalona and I'm on a quest to showcase the humans behind healthcare. Veterinary professionals are my current muse (I also work as one). I love shining spotlights on people's stories alongside the science to support healthy careers for the ones that care. There are too many wounded healers who burn out before they have a chance to shine. The vet profession is full of untapped high-performing STEM change makers. The world needs them :). I am also obsessed with horses, great white sharks and whippets, not necessarily in that order.

I guess like my name I like to work in triple Es! I'm an equine vet, an entrepreneur and an educator. Currently hold advisory roles with the Veterinary Defence Society Training team and Surrey University. Founder of the online support platform Vets: Stay, Go or Diversify and VSGD Careers bringing peer to peer inspiration for career pathways within and beyond the profession alongside 16,000 and 8,000 global professionals. Also co-founder of VetYou – helping to support professionals to take control of their financial future. Huge supporter of local and international charities Kentish Town City Farm, Brooke, StreetVet and Millimetres to Mountains.

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Justin Phillips


With 20 years of experience and award-winning roles at White Cross Vets and VetPartners under his belt, Justin founded Practice Made Purrfect in 2020, a marketing consultancy dedicated to helping veterinary practices to deliver the best service possible to their clients and patients. His friends, family and closest colleagues dedicate their lives to making this fantastic industry the best it can be, and that’s why he's passionate about coaching and inspiring others, working together to build a brighter future for veterinary professionals, patients and clients. The mission is simple, whilst the corporates are trying to build their empires, Practice Made Purrfect are arming the rebels.

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Justin Phillips  Practice Made Purrfect - Copy - Justin Phillips.jpeg


Blogger, Skater & Content Creator



Blogger, skater and content creator. Working across both the vet and pet sectors for brands including PetMedix, Purina, Yarrah, Vital, Cathkidston Pet, VetzPetz and now PetsApp on end to end projects from consumer research led product development and trade sell in, to community led radio days and film production for consumer advertising. Naomi began her career in digital marketing, after cracking the code to monetising her personal blog through growing it's online community following and consistently generating 1/2 a million monthly views across Pinterest and multiple viral videos on TikTok and Instagram; reaching as much as 1.5 million views in a single post without spending a penny.

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Naomi Oikonomou
Naomi Oikonomou.jpeg


Veterinary Nurse

Content Creator

Founder of Empowering Media Services


 "I qualified as an RVN in 2017 after completing my BSc(Hons) Veterinary Nursing at Coventry University. I’ve worked in small animal primary care practice and as a referral surgical nurse.

In 2018 I started my personal brand The EmPowering RVN. I began to explore my creativity through crafting a community of amazing vet professionals who, like me, wanted to learn more about what self-care really meant and most of all to stop feeling guilty for taking time for ourselves! 

In November 2021 I decided to combine my love of content creation and the skills I had developed as an RVN to help veterinary businesses to have more freedom over their time without overlooking consistent content creation. I help both clinical and non-clinical businesses create consistent content online allowing them to focus on the growth and development of their business.

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Emily-Holmes-Chronic-Illness-blog-pic--1024x993 (1).jpeg


Veterinary Nurse

Content Creator

CPD Provider


Jack began his career in a “first opinion” practice where he developed a passion for progression. After successfully qualifying in 2018 Jack decided to pursue a new challenge at a small animal hospital in Norfolk, he worked solely in an emergency and critical care setting out of hours which is an area he enjoys.


Since then, he now works as a locum in various clinical settings. He gained his certificate in ECC in 2022 which he worked hard to achieve. He is particularly keen for continuous personal and professional development, in which he has developed a passion to support other veterinary professionals to grow and enhance their skill sets. He has a specialist interest in ultrasonography and currently is an IMV Imaging ambassador and vet nurse consultant speaker.


Alongside this he also provides in-house ultrasound training for veterinary professionals. He regularly shares his experiences and new learnings by engaging with others on his social media platforms @Pye_rvn with the hope of encouraging and supporting others professional development and skills. In November 2022 he was also awarded recognition for his contribution to the veterinary industry by being named as one of the London Vet Shows 30 under thirty award winners. He was also enthusiastically involved with BVNA (British Veterinary Nursing Association) after being elected on to the council in 2019 and finished his term in 2022.

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Jack Pye


Veterinary Nurse

Content Creator

VN Spark


Lou qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2009 and has worked in both primary care practices and a referral hospital. Since qualifying, she has gained additional certificates in emergency & critical care nursing and anaesthesia & analgesia.


Over the years Lou has developed a love for anaesthesia, analgesia & quality improvement which are now her key areas of focus.


After having her baby boy back in September 2020 Lou is back working in a very busy primary care practice in Buckinghamshire as clinical lead RVN where she oversees clinical governance, quality improvement, team training and clinical nursing standards. In both 2019 & 2020 Lou was named an RCVS Knowledge Champion for the clinical audit & QI work she undertakes in practice. In 2019 Lou was also awarded the RCVS Inspiration award for her ability to inspire and enthuse others.


In 2021 the opportunity arose to join RCVS Knowledge as Quality Improvement Lead RVN helping to promote QI in the profession, she now undertakes this alongside her clinical practice role.


Lou is very passionate about teamwork and delivering brilliant patient care. Her aim is to help VNs to nurture their niche and value themselves. Lou loves being out and about speaking to the vet nursing community and sharing her pearls of wisdom & experiences, as well as chatting with VNs online via her social media platform ‘Lou The Vet Nurse’.

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Lou Northway
lou profile - Lou Northway (Lou The Vet Nurse).jpeg


Director of Services


After three years of various roles in clinical practice, including Receptionist, Care Assistant, Head Receptionist and then Office Manager duties, as well as embarking on a VN career (as you know in a ‘Small Local Practice’, with just one vet - you pretty much do it all!), I naturally became Practice Manager in 2014 and continued spinning ALL of the plates including digital marketing, whilst supporting the business and owner through many challenges during the 8 years.

Having been in nearly every role in practice (apart from a vet!) has put me in the unique position of gaining experience from every aspect of running a veterinary practice - from the hands-on patient and client care to the top-level staff management and number crunching - so I truly understand the challenges of staff and the business owners in independent practices.

In my current role at VetsDigital, I use my past experiences of interacting with and understanding veterinary clients to help practices and other veterinary businesses connect with pet owners using digital marketing - especially social media and content strategy.

I’d love to connect with you to see how VetsDigital and our passionate team can help support you and your business to educate, gain and retain your ideal clients.

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Claire Simper

Veterinary Marketing & Business Consultant

Director & Founder: Practice Made Purrfect

Team Speak Easy
26d2716b-8919-41a6-88c9-b8523a976cb6 (1).jpeg

Team Speak Easy

Calvin and Oba from Speak Easy. These two power houses have given workshops on confidence and public speaking to over 100,000 youths via their company LoudSpeaker, and now work with corporate businesses, universities and organisations to give unforgettable workshops.

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