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Come and be inspired, educated and connected.

We have a vast programme of different topics, as well as plenty of chances for you to ask questions, find likeminded friends and have an amazing experience.




Welcome Breakfast

Let's start the day with food!

You'll be treated to arrival pastries and homemade breakfast bars, as well as unlimited coffee, hot and cold drinks.

The day is expected to conclude at 5:00pm, with an extra 30mins of networking at the end of the day if you're up for it!




The first draft timings are above! Woohoo. There will be up to 3 different streams at once, so you can choose the session that lights you up and spark your interest. Don't worry, we have an awesome filming crew recording lots of the sessions so you can catch up on any that you miss; the ones not being filmed are the community chats. Here are some of the sessions that you have to look forward to. Then we end the day with an incredible workshop from the team at SpeakEasy. The programme is subject to slight changes.

How did a Facebook post, a new found passion for drawing (albeit badly!) and a dream of raising £299 for a local homelessness charity become a 250,000 people strong online community that has raised over a quarter of a million pound for a charity and turn one man's life upside down?

This session will provide actionable tips on turning your day in clinic (or elsewhere) into captivating content online! By using examples, you'll learn how to show your own personal energy and style, while tying in what you do on a daily basis into successful posts. We will also focus on providing reliable educational content in a fun way for pet owners.

'The standard you walk past is the standard you accept'. Leadership can involve setting standards and role modelling. Sometimes this necessarily involves courage, being the one to speak up and say something isn't right. But online debate can be polarised, lack nuance, and tend towards shaming rather than achieving change. So how can we call out (or call in) effectively? What does being kind and courageous look like for veterinary leaders in online spaces? What evidence can help inform people who want to do good and set a standard in the way they communicate online? 

Everything is content!

With Naomi Oikonomou, PetsApp.

This session is sponsored by PetsApp

Before she joined the PetsApp pack, she was involved in veterinary animal health brands such as Purina, VetzPetz and even Cath Kidston Pet, but she's joining us today to share tips and tricks into seeing how there is content in everything. She'll be leading an interactive content creation session covering content pillars and how to create multifaceted, high-value content with minimum effort.

Claire will reveal the insider secrets she's developed whilst working at VetsDigital, where she's created content at scale and managed multiple practice Facebook Pages. You'll learn her favourite tips and tricks to create captivating social media content that connects with pet owners, increases your online presence, and saves you valuable time in the process. Attendees will walk away with actionable insights and strategies they can implement immediately to improve their social media marketing efforts.

Community Chats: Keeping content inclusive & accessible

With Scott Kilpatrick (vtx), Lacey Pitcher and Janika Patel

This session is sponsored by The Veterinary Thought Exchange (vtx)

Community Chats: Finding niches and finding balance online, real talk.

With Emily Holmes (Empowering Media Services), Lou Northway and Remi Onabolu.

'The Magic of Community - Why building online communities is powerful for your purpose'

With Ebony Escalona

Going to the Dogs (and Cats): Social Strategies for Your Practice

With Justin Phillips

Disrupt The Veterinary Status Quo with... Beautiful Branding? With Danielle Lambert

This session is sponsored by Snout School

Community Chats: Talking to Millions - Lessons Online

 With Cat Henstridge (aka Cat The Vet) and Robyn Lowe (Veterinary Voices)

Public Speaking and Storytelling Workshop

With The SpeakEasy Team!

This session is sponsored by Vet Empowered

Video content is rising, and with platforms such as TikTok, YouTube (Shorts) and Instagram (Reels) booming, we listened to what you want and we made this happen. Use these tips for your own content, or to take back and share with your practice. We are so pleased to be welcoming the Speak Easy team along to run this session. They have trained over 100,000 young people how to use their voice at their LoudSpeaker sessions, and now run corporate speaker training - with a difference. We know you'll leave this session feeling inspired and energised. They'll be running a 90minute Workshop INCLUDED in your VETstagram ticket:

  • Learn the basics of body language in public speaking and for video content

  • Learn tools to communicate confidently and effectively when presenting online

  • Gain skills to shape and tell their own personal stories

  • Enjoy an energetic and fun atmosphere that will last long in the memory

Plus wait, there's more!


Keep checking this website as we have even more to add, including:

  • A Branding Session with an incredible International Speaker!

  • Fun and inspiring sessions with the Vet Empowered team

  • Lunchtime networking, connections and photo opportunities

  • Small Business Showcase!

  • Some surprises along the way

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