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Will you join us at London Vet Show?

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The London Vet Show is back this 16-17 November and once again we will be hosting a huge variety of veterinary CPD education to suit all needs.

The awesome news? 

VETstagram has a 1-hour Mastermind Session thanks to the team at CloserStill Media, hosted by Katie Ford. It's taking place on Thursday November 16th at 4:30pm in the Gallery Suites.

(Perfect timing for us to continue conversations into Happy Hour on the Exhibition floor at 5:30pm!)

PLUS we also have a panel session on Friday at 2:50pm in Gallery Suite 17! We'll be talking all things social media, career, brands and collaborations with Dr. Kirsten Ronngren, Jack Pye RVN and Dr. Bolu Eso. Find out more here.

The Mastermind sessions at London Vet Show have been super popular over the last few years. We have the chance for up to 40 members of the VETstagram community to come together to debate, input, ideate, and create a movement. Imagine forty minds committed to using social media for good, what could we create and catalyse?

About the mastermind:

Turning Challenges to Opportunities On Social Media by VETstagram

Theme: In this mastermind session, we aim to pinpoint critical areas for expansion within the veterinary profession in social media; both as consumers and creators. This session is designed for professionals across the veterinary field, including vets, vet nurses, students, client care teams and those both within and outside marketing roles. Our community has expressed a desire to tackle various challenges and questions related to social media and its impact on the veterinary profession. Our objectives are to identify the top 8 areas where these challenges arise and pinpoint the specific questions that need answers. We plan to leverage the expertise of our social media facilitators to provide insights along the way. Come and have your voice heard, and play a part in moulding a set of accessible resources.

Outcome: Our aim is to highlight the key areas to create a series of webinars with expert guests and resources, as well as to shape topics for future VETstagram events.


Plus, we all get a wonderful check-in ready for VETstagram 2024! 

Coming to the mastermind?

Make sure you've nabbed your London Vet Show ticket, and come and join us on Thursday at 4:30pm until 5:30pm.

Register your interest in this session on the London Vet Show website too.


No, wait. There's more!

We have a panel session running on Friday at 2:50pm in Gallery Suite 17.

Using your VETstagram voice: brands, content creation and collaboration!

This panel, featuring Dr. Kirsten Ronngren from Many Pets, Dr. Bolu Eso, and Jack Pye RVN from IMV Imaging, will be chaired by Dr. Katie Ford. The focus of the session is on creators in the realm of social media and their role in educating both pet owners and veterinary colleagues, as well as their ability to collaborate with brands. The objective of the panel is to unite the voices of the veterinary profession with those of branding teams to amplify messages and leverage everyone's unique talents.

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